Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Kelly and Monica

Once there was a boarding school in Africa for girls. There were two girls that did not get along, there was one nasty girl who was picking all the fights her name was  Kelly.She was always the bully and Kelly never realised what wrong she was doing, apart from when she bullied Monica.

When Kelly was eight she got bullied and hurt by others. But she never realised that it made an effect on her life . When she turned nine she too started to bully people and ever since that day she was horrible to everyone.

On one particular day it was Kelly’s birthday, she wanted everything to be perfect .Monica wanted to go up to her and say happy birthday, but she knew it wouldn't be happy.So this time Monica went up to her and said “Hi”. Kelly didn’t respond except for saying “Go away you ‘silly,idiotic ,twit.

However that didn't stop Monica from being friendly.A few days later Monica went up to Kelly and said
“Can you please not talk to me like that”.Kelly answered
“ Why don’t you go home and cry to your mum?” Monica started to cry.

The next day, was fathers day and Kelly was looking forward to beating Monica up in front of her dad to see how much,  Monica proved to be a sook.

When fathers day arrived...the fathers entered the school gates. Kelly was going to  show her plan,but Kelly realised that when she was seven she got bullied and hurt and that it was horrible.  When Kelly felt that way she realised, it would be the same for Monica. Kelly really didn’t want to be seen as a bully all the time, she learnt she wanted to be just  like Monica kind,generous,friendly and hopeful.

By Courtney

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