Thursday, 22 May 2014

My Amazing Puppy ‘Ted’.                                                   
My puppy Ted...always is looking for something to eat. Running around like mad everywhere. Run there, play here and eat this.My puppy is an amazing puppy to have around my house! I wonder if you would like to meet my new family puppy?
Ted is a chocolate coloured puppy with cute brown eyes, with a lovely nature.He loves to chew his crew toys, he also loves playing tug and war! When I'm asleep and it's time to wake up he always jumps up and licks my nose to make me give him his morning cuddle. Whenever I give him a cuddle, his fur is so soft. Ted is two and a half mouths old. When we went to this ladies house to look at another dog, Olivia and I named the dog Honey, but then we looked Ted and we fell in love with him and took him on his first drive home.
Ted loves to play with other puppies at the dog park. He has a passion for climbing on the playgrounds there. He really enjoys my favourite place on the couch and also when I go to bed he always jumps up and gives me a cuddle just like a person would. Ted is also I big fan of eating his meat.
Oh I forgot his favourirte things he likes to do. Ted really enjoys being creavite and also Ted loves to have a lot of fun with his family . Ted has  a lot of fun coming for walks and car rids, when we go to school he sometimes gets to come along, but we have to hold him or he cuddles up somewhere in the car.
My specail puppy Ted, makes me feel welcome and really happy. He reminds me of chocolate, I love chocolate. Ted is really playful he also makes not just me happy but eveyone else happy too!! Ted is very funny and has a great sence of humour! :)
By Nikkita
Room 2  Onerahi Primary School

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